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Fish Spotlight: MBU Puffer

    A freshwater pufferfish? Say it ain't so. There are almost 150 species of pufferfish living in freshwater, brackish, and marine. Of that 150, fewer than 30 are true freshwater puffers. Inhabiting the dense vegetation of Africa's rivers and lakes, you'll find the largest freshwater species of pufferfish, the rare and highly sought after Tetraodon MBU Puffer.  Mbu Puffers are thought to live longer in the wild, but their lifespan is about ten years in captivity. Its genetics and quality of care determine the lifespan of your MBU Puffer. This incredibly unique species can grow anywhere from 22-30"—the most important thing to think about when housing an MBU puffer is tank size. Don't let the little puffer you see...

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