Shipping Live Fish


Shipping Live Fish 
We know that shipping live fish can be scary, so that's why we put the most care into packing our livestock.
 *The minimum order for FREE shipping is $299.99. Shipping charges do not count towards minimum order value.


Step 1. We get notified of your order then we select the fish for your order and place them on hold.
Step 2. We create your shipping label. Even if you qualify for free shipping, that does not mean we will ship your order the cheapest way. We choose shipping based on distance and what you ordered. We will always choose the safest shipping method for your order.  If the weather at the location livestock is being shipped to drops below 40°, it is required that all livestock is shipped via Next Day shipping. 
Step 3. We schedule a pick up for your order. When you place your order, it will be shipped out on the following Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday so that you don't have to worry about your order being held up over the weekend. 
Step 4. Packing your order the day of pick up. We carefully select your fish for your order. Most fish are bagged individually to avoid aggression. All fish are packed on compressed oxygen, and double or triple bagged to avoid bags being popped. Depending on the weather, bags are packed tightly into an insulated box with either a heat or ice pack.


Natural Environment Aqautix guarantees live arrival on all livestock shipped via Next Day. 
 * Natural Environment Aqautix does not under any circumstance offer cash or card refunds, only credits to go towards future orders. Credits or replacements will only be made on orders shipped via Next Day shipping. In the rare case that a fish dies during express shipping, it will be replaced with the same fish, or we will issue a credit to go toward future orders. Livestock shipped via Standard shipping is not covered by our live arrival guarantee. 
* Please note that the sex of your fish is not guaranteed unless labeled otherwise.
* Because of the complex procedures involved in properly packaging and shipping aquatic life, we cannot accept the return of any aquatic life. Please make your selections carefully.
Natural Environment Aquatix certifies that all fish are in good condition, are healthy and are eating when they are packaged and leave our facility for shipping.
The Buyer acknowledges that if the livestock shipped via Next Day arrived DOA, Damaged, or in Poor Health, it is the buyer’s responsibility to take a minimum of two pictures of the fish – in the original, sealed bag when the shipment is opened. Applicable photographs must be received by Natural Environment Aquatix within four hours of the time-stamped package delivery. Releasing fish from the delivery bag without communication and photos ends the “Arrival” period and also implies that the livestock received were in acceptable condition when they arrived.
Natural Environment Aqautix will not under any circumstance replace fish that have died due to inadequate acclimation, poor water quality/conditions, incompatibility with new tank mates, inappropriate diet, or if they have been left in the delivery bags for extended periods of time.
We ask that all valid claims be made within 4 hours of delivery. After 4 hours of delivery, all DOA claims will be void because Natural Environment Aquatix is no longer in control of the livestock environment. All claims must be submitted via email
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We are here for you. We have had rare cases where packages have been delayed and still survived. While we would never intentionally put our fish in that situation, delays are sometimes inevitable. For that reason, we take the utmost care in how we package our fish. The health and safety of our livestock is our top priority! 
Please do call us right away to discuss fish that is not DOA, but you have concerns regarding the health of your new fish. It is vital that we help you identify the problem right away. We are always happy to work with our customers, especially when it comes to the health of their fish! 

Acclimation Guide

Properly acclimating your newly arrived fish is key to making sure they adapt to their new aquarium quickly and successfully. Proper acclimation can make the difference between a thriving, healthy fish and one that struggles or gets sick after arrival. We have developed these acclimation procedures for your benefit, and failure to acclimate your fish according to these guidelines will void our guarantee. 
*If you receive a fish that appears to be very stressed do not acclimate. 
  1. Float the bags on the surface for 15 minutes with your lights off to let them temperature acclimate. Do not open the bags at this time.
  2. After temperature acclimation, open the bag and carefully drain the water from the bag out into a bucket while keeping the fish in the bag. After most of the water in the bag has been eliminated, immediately add the fish to the aquarium. Adding a small amount of bag water to the aquarium while transferring fish is not harmful.
  3. It is recommended to keep your lights off for the remainder of the day to allow your new additions to settle in with minimal stress. Generally, it is best to wait to feed your new fish until the following day.