Come work at a developing small business where teamwork and the best aquatic care come together to provide Jacksonville and the surrounding area with the best selection of tropical fish and customer service there is to offer. Our business continues to exceed our expectations, so we are hiring part-time and full-time positions to grow the Natural Environment Aquatix Family.
What is it like working at Natural Environment Aquatix? Let me describe it to you. Keep in mind that we will teach you everything you need to know to play out this role.
At NEA, you are surrounded by beautiful exotic tropical fish and friendly customers eager to learn and ready to pass on their knowledge as well. Customer care and the health of the fish is the most crucial part of your job. We want to greet every customer with a smiling face, ready to educate while also listening to their insight. You will make recommendations, problem-solve, and handpick fish for all customers.
We constantly get in new fish that you learn about and care for, such as water changes, Medicating new arrivals, and providing a healthy diet. We pride ourselves on the health of our fish and the cleanliness of our tanks, so we do weekly water changes and scrub the tanks daily. When we receive new arrivals, you will medicate all fish based on their needs and restrictions. Diet is a significant key to the health and appearance of a fish. Every fish food brand we sell we also use to feed our fish. We only feed our fish the best quality foods. You will feed fish daily based on their dietary needs. For example, Discus need to be fed twice daily.
When you aren't spending time with your fishy friends, you will develop content for our social media and website. The internet isn't the future it's now! We use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok for all of our marketing. We need new content developed daily to keep our audience entertained and to expand on social media. The sky is the limit! We want someone who will be featured on our YouTube channel doing tours of the shop, unboxing videos, tutorials, and just providing good content. Because we are constantly bringing in new fish, we need good-quality photos of livestock continually coming in for our website.
The goal is to grow our aquatic family and create an unstoppable team. Working here should be a fun learning experience for you to test out all aspects of the aquarium hobby and running a successful business. We want team members to be proud of their work and feel like they have played a significant role in growing Natural Environment Aquatix. We look forward to the future of NEA and hope you would like to be part of that future.
What you’ll do:
* Provide optimal guest experience
* Participate in selling culture
* Photography
* Perform cashier duties
* Properly stock merchandise
* Web Design
* Media Development
* Packing Online Orders
* Daily maintenance such as water changes and tank cleaning to provide optimal living conditions for all livestock
* Cleaning duties
* Properly handle all livestock and care for their wellbeing
* Create social media content such as walkthrough videos and product reviews.
What we are looking for:
* Detail-oriented
* Enthusiastic and passionate about the things you do
* Eager to learn
* Good critical judgment
* Ambitious
* Positive attitude
* Will help grow Natural Environment Aquatix
* No aquatic experience is required. We are here to teach you

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