3000 Dunn Avenue Jacksonville, FL 32218  (904) 982-7662

3000 Dunn Avenue Jacksonville, FL 32218  (904) 982-7662


Delivered Right to Your Door!

Natural Environment Aqautix is your Primary Destination for Domestic and Imported Koi, New World and African Cichlids, All Types of Community Fish, Aquatic Plants and More!


Delivered Right to Your Door!

Natural Environment Aqautix is your Primary Destination for Domestic and Imported Koi, New World and African Cichlids, All Types of Community Fish, Aquatic Plants and More!

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With the COVID-19 epidemic going on in our country and around the world, NEA would like to take a moment to help us all connect as humans. Our hope is that all of us together will recognize that for many of us, not only is this an unprecedented time to be alive but it is also an unprecedented time for us as a society and as a Nation.

Firstly, we would ask that we all stay informed and stay safe for the sake of our families, friends, and neighbors. The Social Distancing Guidelines that have been set forth by our Nations’s top medical officials are an important way for us all to do our part in containing this virus and helping to control its spread. With that said, we also acknowledge that with lay-offs and the stressors of home self-quarantine, this time presents us with challenges that we never ever expected or that we had even been prepared for. Some of us in the fish keeping hobby are finding new ways to stay busy and others of us are further immersing ourselves into the hobby.

Even though our physical retail location currently remains open for the time being in Jacksonville, we would like to encorage our local customers to buy their products and livestock online in support of the Social Distancing Guidelines. By not taking unnecessary trips outside of the house we feel that we can help to slow the spread of COVID-19. To further support this request we are offering a 5% site-wide discount for everything in the NEA online store for the next two weeks. We will continue to monitor the situation and if necessary may extend this discount out further. We feel that this may provide some fish keepers a way to obtain the products that they need such as water conditioner and food safely – as well as livestock and aquatic plants for those who may be taking this time to start new setups in their homes.

Lastly, we would ask that we all please try to be the best versions of ourselves that we can. At no other time in recent history have we all needed to lean on one another for support and encouragement.

Please stay safe and be diligent!

PLEASE USE CODE: NEA5 at checkout.


Thank you,
~ The NEA Staff


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We Are The Aquarium Hobbyist’s Unbeatable Source For Rare and Extraordinary Freshwater Fish, Corals & Invertebrates, Online Aquarium Products, and Aqua-Scaping Commodities

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“There is absolutely no reason to shop for aquarium fish anywhere else!! Ya’ll have everything and much more you don’t see at any other shop!”

– Tina, an NEA Customer

“I just left & the staff are very very nice and helpful!!! I’ll be going here for all of my fish needs!!! They have beautiful fish and the tanks are super clean!!!”

– Adriane, an NEA Customer

“This place was a great place to look at amazing fish! Thank you for sharing the knowledge and helping me with my first fish tank. The employees here need to be given a bonus during the holidays coming up!! This was great service and it showed through the customer service!!”

– “Versochi”, an NEA Customer

“The best place and deff most variety I have ever seen for freshwater fish, great place!!!”

– Robert, an NEA Customer

“The staff was very knowledgeable, the fish looked healthy. I drove 94mins to find this place. And I will be back!!”

– Antoine, an NEA Customer

“Knowledgeable and helpful staff with great selection and fair prices. Will be our go to place for anything aquarium related from now on.”

– Fred, an NEA Customer

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Our Standard 1-3 Day Shipping ONLY $20


The specimen images below are for demonstration purposes only and may or may not be the actual fish itself that we have in-stock. Please feel free to inquire before your purchase. We will also be happy to send additional photos and video clips before you make a definitive decision ~ just ask!

All of our in-store livestock are available for shipping straight to your front door, nationwide. Bundle and save by ordering fish and products with no additional shipping – both arrive at the same time!

Our Featured Online Inventory

Staff & Customer Favorites

Silver Arowana $99.99 - $59.99

3 in stock

8" Cyphotilapia Frontosa $199.99

1 in stock

Yellow Blaze $59.99

6 in stock

2" Hoplo Cats $4.99

Out of stock

Juvenile Exochromis Anagenys $24.99

5 in stock

13" Aabapo Pike Cichlid $149.99

1 in stock

Buccochromis Nototaenia $59.99

2 in stock

Small EB Acara $12.99

2 in stock

LG 12" Flowerhorn $499.99

1 in stock

Cherry Humphead Flowerhorn $129.99

2 in stock

8" Ornatus Pimolodus Cat $59.99

1 in stock

Large EB Acara $39.99

2 in stock

Synodontis Angelicus $69.99

3 in stock

Keyhole Cichlids $9.99

Out of stock

Medium Angelfish $12.99

1 in stock

Small Silver Arowana $59.99

Out of stock

Male Fancy Guppies 3.99

25 in stock

Neo. Gold Sexfasciatus $19.99

12 in stock

Neo. Multifasciatus $19.99

8 in stock

Gold Pristella Tetra 2.99

8 in stock

Tropheops Red Cheek $29.99

1 in stock

Green Scat $29.99

Out of stock

Buccochromis Rhoadesii 59.99

1 in stock

Our Featured Marine Inventory

MD Maze Brain Coral $69.99

1 in stock

LG Green Echinata Coral $159.99

1 in stock

LG Green Oulophyllia Coral 159.99

1 in stock

Assorted Coral Frags $19.99

40 in stock

Fishy Spotlight

The Silver Arowana

Previously in the Fishy Spotlight:

Along with a huge selection of Rare and Hard to find African and New World Cichlids, Natural Environment Aquatix always keep a diverse selection of Feeders, Aquatic Plants, Koi, Plecos, Nano Fish and Crustaceans in stock too!


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