Tiger Barb

Green Tiger Barb

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One fish that is very popular in the aquarium hobby is the Tiger Barb! These fish come in many different colors such as green and even albino. They will max out around 2.5 inches. A tank size of about 29 gallons is ideal for a school of eight Tiger Barbs, with water temperatures between 75-82°F. A good diet for these omnivorous fish include high quality sinking pellets, brine shrimp, and bloodworms. Tiger Barbs are known for being what we call “fin nippers” due to wanting to show dominance and establish territory. However, if kept in a school of at least 8-12 Tiger Barbs, they are less likely to show signs of aggression. Some good tank mates include other fast moving, short finned community fish such as Cherry Barbs, Clown Loaches, Plecos, or Corydoras.