Apistogramma cacatuoides "Orange Flash"

Apistogramma cacatuoides "Orange Flash"

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Have you been searching for a beautiful center piece for your community aquarium? Look no further, the Orange Flash Apistogramma is perfect for you! These fish display a beautiful bright orange color on their dorsal and anal fins which makes it popular among aquarists looking to add color to their tank. Some tank mates for these dwarf cichlids includes Neon Tetras, various types of Rasboras, Cardinal Tetras, Pygmy Cory’s, Otocinclus, and Black Skirt Tetras. These fish do thrive better when kept in a male female pair, so getting a pair is ideal. The Orange Flash is an omnivore so feeding it a diet that consist of live or frozen foods such as baby brine shrimp or frozen brine shrimp is ideal as well as a high quality pellet or flake food.

Care Level:



Mildly Aggressive



Max Size:



Miscellaneous Community Fish Similar In Size Such As Tetras And Rams

Minimum Tank Size:

20 Gallons