24"x18"x30" Custom Aquarium & 42" Tall Custom Elegance Stand

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I appreciate your patience while we finalize the details of your customized order. The production team has provided us with all the necessary quotes, and we are now ready to proceed with your order. Kindly let me know if you agree with the below details. You can either pay the full amount or choose to pay 50% at the moment and 50% upon the aquarium's arrival at our store. Once you confirm your payment preference, I will send you an invoice. Following that, the production team will create drawings for your final approval, after which we'll begin the building process.

Custom Aquarium, Custom Stand & Sump Quote: $5,988.79
(Price does not include pump, lights, decor, etc.)

Aquarium Details
24" Long x 18" Wide x 30" Tall
Size 56
Rimless style tank w/1-overflow box in the back right corner w/1-1.75" drain hole and 1-1.75" return hole in the box
Over flow box is located in the back right corner
Clear silicone
Frosted back wall (partially translucent white frost)
Low iron glass

Stand Details
42" Tall
Elegance Style
Maple Wood (Smooth Finish)
Benjamin Moore's "Simply White" High gloss oil-based paint