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How We Care For Our Fish Q&A

Here at the Natural Environment Aquatix, we know that you want the best fish. We also know you expect them to be treated well before they reach your home aquarium. We are passionate about getting healthy, quality fish and we strive to care for them well.   Whether you're just starting your home aquarium or just got your first fish tank, you deserve to know how your fish are being treated. Read our popular Q&As to see exactly how we source and care for our fish.   How often do you get new fish and plants?   Our shipments vary. Our fish and plants come in weekly, while we receive some shipments multiple times a week. Most of the time,...

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Top 5 Algae Eaters for Freshwater Aquariums

A common problem for any aquarium is algae growth. In just a matter of days, it can take over the entire tank and, in doing so, sucks out all of the oxygen. This makes the environment for the existing fish extremely toxic. Luckily there are fish that excel at removing algae. Let’s talk about five of the best algae eaters for freshwater aquariums. 1) Bristle Nose Plecos If you are just starting out, this is a perfect fish to add to your collection, as it will keep algae growth at bay. Found in South America, this fish was first classified in the 1800’s. A big reason people love the Bristle nose so much is that it has an extremely long...

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