5 Essential Supplies for Your Freshwater Fish Tank

5 Essential Supplies for Your Freshwater Fish Tank

Giving your fish a place to have a thriving life is the number one priority. But beginners often wonder what they can do to ensure that their fish are happy and healthy. To help with that question, here are five essential supplies for your freshwater fish tank. These will let you give your fish friends the full and rich lives they deserve.

Tank Filter

A tank filter is non-negotiable for fish care, as it helps a tank perform a few essential functions. A filter will help remove harmful nitrites and ammonia, helping your tank complete its nitrogen cycle without constant water changes.

Additionally, your filter should be taking water from the bottom of the tank and distributing it at the top to create the water. Fish need oxygen just like humans, and aerating their water helps introduce oxygen into the tank.

Water Conditioner

A water conditioner is a great way to ensure the water you place your fish in is free of harmful chlorine, metals, nitrites, and ammonia. While ammonia and nitrites will build up over time, you don't want to introduce or acclimate your fish to high levels from the very beginning, as this will be a complete shock to their systems.

Water conditioners ensure that the tank water is clean and makes acclimation much easier.

Tank Heater

Depending on your fish breed, you may need to keep the water at around 75 to 80℉ at all times. Your home's air conditioning simply isn't enough to keep the water at an optimal temperature. However, if your fish prefer cooler waters, you'll need a submersible thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature.


Lighting is critical in creating a natural environment for your fish and any live aquatic plants you may want to keep. This is because you want to do your best to emulate the day and night cycle without putting your tank near a window. The sun can drastically change your tank's temperature, and you can't control it like a lamp. Fish and aquatic plants need about six to eight hours of sunlight a day to grow and flourish.

Aquarium Test Strips

Test strips are great for monitoring your tank water's pH, nitrate levels, and alkalinity. Most test strips will test all of these at once and only take a few minutes. If you do these tests around once a month, you can catch any issues your tank might run into before it becomes a problem.

Now that you know about the five essential supplies for your freshwater fish tank, you can give your fish a happy home to flourish in. And luckily, due to the wonders of the digital age, you don't have to leave your home to give your fish friends what they need. Instead, you can buy all your fish tank supplies online and start your dream aquarium today!

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