UltraKlear UV Clarifier - 1000 - 14 W

UltraKlear UV Clarifier - 1000 - 14 W

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Maintaining a clean and clear pond is easier said than done, and green water caused by algae is often at the top of the list of frustrating obstacles. Algae blooms not only prevent you from enjoying the beauty of your pond, but can also negatively impact the performance of filters, pumps, and other equipment. Identifying the cause of your green water can be challenging, and treating it can prove even more difficult - until now!

The Aquascape UltraKlear 1000 is a highly efficient UV clarifier that is guaranteed to clear your pond water. Perfect for new and existing ponds, this easy-to-install unit employs a high output T5 UVC bulb (14 W) to eliminate free-floating algae and disease-causing pathogens. Neutralized algae particles can then be removed by your pond's mechanical filter. The only thing left behind is a sparkling, crystal clear pond for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

The UltraKlear 1000 is designed to deliver exceptional performance. It comes equipped with a high-quality quartz sleeve to maximize UV output, an electronic ballast to maintain optimal wattage and operating conditions, and a handy indicator light to show when the UVC lamp is engaged. It also features an internal swirl sleeve which channels water around the UVC bulb to increase dwell time and overall efficiency.

To ensure quick and straightforward installation, the UltraKlear 1000 comes with an assortment of accessories and fittings. It includes durable mounting brackets for easy attachment to fences or posts, two sets of multi-hose adapters (1", 1.25", 1.5") to accommodate popular hosing sizes, and a pair of 1.5" rotational ball fittings for added flexibility.

Unlike competing models, the UltraKlear 1000 is a breeze to maintain. It features a quick-release mechanism that offers instant access to the quartz sleeve and UVC bulb for cleaning and replacement. A mechanical safety switch is also included to prevent the unit from activating when the electronic ballast component is removed.

The Aquascape UltraKlear 1000 is recommended for ponds up to 1,000 gallons in size. For best results, it should be used with a maximum flow rate of 500 gph (water pump sold separately). 22" x 7.5" x 3"